Monday, March 26, 2012

Girl of the Liquid Eyes

our eyes meet
eyes that transfix and transcend
spring from a deep well
and speak silently
of a place i do not yet know
pools of molten emotion
i slip in
struggling not to drown….
(what planet do you come from??)

yea, this one is a little different.
no doubt 5 weeks in various shelters have left their mark
yet a more mellow, affectionate, grateful,
quietly compliant girl
you could not find
she’s some kind of angel, this one!

First meeting
 Welcome, Bailey!!

and big thanks to SD Spaniel Rescue!


  1. She's really, really cute! Reminds me of a stuffed dog I had when I was a child that was a cocker spaniel.

  2. Oh my!!! She is BEAUTIFUL! Lucky her and lucky you!

  3. omg! bailey is a gem! she's adorable and so loved. this makes me happy!

  4. oh my gosh, what a sweet heart, just so lovely, those eyes, those eyes, you are so lucky, I'm sad to say I have puppy envy,,, big time!!


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