Thursday, March 8, 2012


for 5 days i am living at the edge of the sea
watching it, breathing it,
absorbing its primordial power
deep into my very core

 i can’t seem to tear myself away
from the pounding symphony
entitled “waves vs. rocks”
no two chords are the same
and though there is the occasional interlude
this particular symphony
is composed mostly of
tumultuous crescendos
crescendos  that boast
of vast and primitive power
power that belittles me
and makes me feel small

witnessing this violent fury of earth
(last week volcanoes
now living on this edge
in an extended period
of high surf warnings)
its daunting
and somewhat disturbing...

there is a big part of life
in that fury
i can identify with it
twist and turn and flow with it
let it act as catharsis
to unlock stuff
that needs to break free

 but it is not a part
that i want to be with
on a continual basis
while my spirit is seduced by
this relentless outpouring of energy
it also craves tranquility

so it came as somewhat of a surprise
to realize that
in spite of the terrible beauty
no, i wouldn’t want to live here....


  1. fantastic photos! i just love the turquoise blue in that one ocean photo!! you sure are getting a ginormous treat with so many vivid colors there!!

  2. Goodness Gracious Alive!!!!! Patty, I Can't Decide Which Was More Stunning, Your Photography Or Accompaning Journal. I Read Each Word And Together With The Visuals ~ It All Moved So Profoundly Into My Heart!

    I Lived On The Island Of Saint George In Bermuda (during a 36 month Stretch Of My Husband's Military Career) And I Too Learned To Appreciate Paradise For What It Was, And What It Wasn't.

    Friends And Family Never Quite Understood Our Answer When Asked If We Would Love To Live In Bermuda Forever....No. No. And No.

    There's Something To Be Said About Being Able To Navigate Inland And As Much As I Appreciate The Beauty Of The Ocean Throughout The World, Land And All That It Represents Satisfies Me More.

    Thanks For Visiting My Place Earlier...I'm Having So Much Fun Sculpting With Clay. It Really Is A Miraculous Media. Thanks Also For Sharing These Breathtaking Photos. You Have A Calling For Photography In Ways I'm Not Sure You Fully Realize. There Is Power And Glory In God's Waters Throughout The World, But There Is Power In A Picture Too. You Capture That Power In So Much Of Your Work And I Simply Want You To Know It Means Much To Me.

    Sending You Some Southern Love & Sunshine This Glorious Sunday,

  3. These are absolutely gorgeous!! As I'm looking at them..I'm hearing the symphony right along with you!

  4. OH MY, Patty. Some really spectacular shots here. I had almost forgotten how wonderfully powerful the waves can be in Hawaii ... very beautiful. Don't blame you for not being able to tear yourself away --- you don't have to for now - sit and enjoy. Thanks for sharing. xoDonna

  5. Oh my gosh! I cannot believe the power behind those waves! They are so very magnificent!

  6. This is terrific - such wonderful, amazing, gorgeous waves!


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