Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Work

well, i've been working with textures again and really having a good time!  i take an original image like this:

add a couple of textures in photoshop that are either existing photos that i have or textures that i have created in my studio with paints and papers, then play around with the blending modes, ending up with something like this:

then i create a mixed-media background on canvas with paints and/or papers and mount the image.  mostly i have done small 6x6 in. pieces like this:

original image:

or this:

here is one i haven't completed the background canvas for yet:

seriously, the possibilities are absolutely endless.... and it's really quite easy!

thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. Love them all. Sounds like my process except I rarely print out the finished creation for mounting but instead use the canvas for the digital art and then paint it over white to start all over. lol Now, you've got me thinking :).
    Stay inspired!

  2. the tree!!! Very cool!!!

  3. beautiful beautiful beautiful, the photos and the art!

  4. These are wonderful..and inspiring..and fun! I - too - have dabbled in this. Seeing what you've making me want to do more!


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