Friday, March 16, 2012

I Hafta Start Somewhere....

i am back home,
missed a whole night of sleep,
already mama to a beautiful new (and needy) pup
(more on that later!)

 trying to pick up where i left off
reeling from all that needs to be done
wrapping my rusty brain around
details that were left undone
taxes, dr. appointments, deadlines….. on and on

 realizing that i have over 1400 pics to wade through….
…and loving that….

because it brings me back
helps me realize that these new experiences
are now a part of me

these are much more
than just pretty images to me
they represent a reality
that was part of my life
for two whole weeks

 and because of that reality
i am not the same as i was

 so, yea, it’s a little overwhelming
and i have so much to share….

 but i have to start somewhere
and i’m happy to do it!

so i hope you enjoy this little sampling
of the lushness and extreme diversity
that is the BIG ISLAND!

oh - some not-so-happy retreat news here.


  1. Gorgeous photos! Looks like a great adventure.

  2. ohhhh...i felt that exact same way when i came back from profoundly changed me!

    hope you keep that feeling in your heart forever!! Your photographs are beautiful...I fell in love with the Big Island much to experience there!

  3. such beautiful photos, I can't wait to see the rest of the story!

  4. Stunny photos, Patty. Have you ever thought of putting your name on your photos or a watermark so your work is not stolen and used by others? I especially love the waterfall, the flowers and the huge turtle.


  5. Almost forgot how absolutely beautiful Hawaii is. Caught the essence, Patty. hugs, Donna

  6. I did! I did! Welcome home, Patty. And welcome home to Bailey!

  7. Dreamy photos....which reflect your eye for catching beauty...and yes, starting somewhere is what we do each morning!

  8. I don't know if these are the right words but I would describe your wonderful photos as astonishing beautiful!
    It must be great to have all photos so you can imagine that you have really been there.

  9. Your photos alone make me want to go there - well perhaps one day. Absolutely gorgeous images, I love them all, perhaps giving the turtle a tad over the others... because I just love animals!

  10. Great Pictures Patti . Thanks for sharing .I am glad you guys enjoyed
    the area of which I hope to make home.

    Greg & Maria


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