Monday, May 7, 2012

Mini Adventure

so i went off on a little adventure last week.  i try to do it a few times each year.  (i never used to tell anyone for fear they would think i was some kind of weirdo, but i have moved far beyond that, so think what you will!) it’s sometimes hard to commit and actually take the steps to make it happen, but i have NEVER been sorry and have had some totally amazing, epiphanistic (um, yes, a new word i think!) experiences on my little jaunts out into the wilderness on my own.

Looking down on my little casita

Inside - art & color!
i research places to stay and usually end up with some kind of vrbo cabin or casita in the mountains, not too far from home.  this one was on a little horse ranchette,  just 45 minutes away.

The permanent residents

it has to have hiking nearby and plenty of privacy and an amazing view.  and preferably a hot tub.  no, that’s not too much to ask, because i have found some awesome places and they are not expensive!  usually i stay in a different place each time.  perfect for exploring!

Yuccas were in full bloom!

Hiking Hellhole Canyon
oh, and wi-fi is nice.  this time i thought i was getting it…. turned out not only was there no wi-fi, but no phone and no tv stations and no cell service.  gulp.  it worked out.  i was a teeny bit panicky, but i’m sure i spent my time in more enriching ways than i would have.  and if i really needed to make contact i could drive a few miles into a service area.  and the owners live on the property too.  so not entirely isolated, but enough to feel a different sort of vibe for sure!

2 buck chuck.... what can I say - I like it!

 so i hiked.  and photographed.  and read.  and wrote.  and thought.  and established some new intentions.  all very, very good stuff!  oh, and i did something else too, but i’m saving that for its own special post.  i have a busy week ahead with company, but i’m ready – bring it on!!

Oh, what an amazing morning it was!!!!

No one else was around - I had this scene all to myself


  1. beautiful photos, i envy you og these tripes, I think thats one of the things I miss since my vision up and left me, being alone, going places alone,

  2. Fabulous, Patty! And amazing photographs too...Jane

  3. Beautiful images. Glad for your adventure :).
    Stay inspired!

  4. Being alone in a place like that must be very special and give a lot of time for your own thinking. Your photos from a place so different from my neighborhood are wonderful!

  5. Mercy! What An Exciting Adventure! Patty, Those Vista Views Blew Me Away! And What An Excellent Idea To Take Some Time Alone! I Got A Good Chuckle At The Beginning Of Your Post When You Were Setting Up Your Story... Describing Yourself And All! Hilarious..."Think What You Will!" :)) Oh, And Thanks For Poppin' In Over At My Place. I've Been Trying To Pull My Work Space Together And I'm Hoping The New Bench Will Allow Me To Get Some Things Off The Floor. Amazing How Things Begin To Pile Up. My Honeypie Said To Me The Other Day: "There's A Camera Crew Out Front From That Hording Show from TV ~ they got wind there's some strange artist up this way who holds onto Everything!" I Laughed my backside off! Guess It's True Though..I see something and find it interesting and it comes home with me. Have A Great Weekend My Adventurous Friend! xoTerri


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