Friday, May 11, 2012

Local Lavender

i’ve written about lavender before.  i was so blown away when we discovered the lavender farms in sequim, washington. the color.  the scent.  the healing atmosphere. the setting.  ahhhhh….. all completely unlike anything else i had ever witnessed!

Washington farms

 twice we have been to the lavender festival up there.  i have some wonderful photos and have created cards, prints, bookmarks, magnets and even a short video about lavender.

 so i thought it was about time to venture out and visit our local lavender farm!  as part of my little adventure last week i stopped at the keys creek lavender farm, wandered around and soaked up all the goodness.

let's just say i know i will be back.   i'm working on something exciting that i can't quite reveal yet.  in the meantime..... enjoy your virtual visit to the farm!!


  1. such beautiful photos you have shared, oh how I with they were scratch and sniff!

  2. gorgeous photos Patty!!!love photos of lavender fields...that purple is just so intense!!

  3. I have never experienced fields of them, I usually buy one plant in a pot every summer. I will think about you and the fields when I buy it this summer.

  4. Ahhh the sweet smell of lavendar. The fields are so pretty and you captured the ambiance of the area with your photos. Gorgeous.

  5. What a beautiful place. I'd love to go there as well. I like the fragrance of lavender, it's so calming.


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