Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bailey's Barn Sale

inside of the dance hall barn

i have known about bailey’s palomar resort for a while but never had the pleasure of visiting until i started having my retreats up on palomar mountain.  baileys is a historic, family-run resort on 60 acres of beautiful mountain land and it’s just a short walk away from the upper meadow lodge where the retreats are held.

hiking Bailey's in November

Bailey House

outside of the barn/store

so much cool OLD stuff!!

 at the november retreat i met the lovely terri bailey, who married into the bailey family and now pretty much runs the whole shebang, along with her husband, brad, and some other family members.

entrance to the barn

 so that’s how i found out about the annual bailey’s barn sale.  my new little mixed media art pieces have been looking for a way to go public and this sounded like just the thing!  a big old dance hall barn, oozing with history and stories and now filled with antiques, memorabilia, art and fragrant homemade soap!

the sale.... my stuff is in the foreground

lots of antiques

it was a fabulous day – sunshine, nice people, tons of interesting old things (and rusty things… my favorite!!) a little down-home music, and the coolest part for me…. SALES!  it wasn’t a huge crowd, but even so, i sold 3 of my new pieces!!

Live Music
One of my sales.... it's the Bailey House & was snatched up by Brad Bailey!

this is currently working its way into a new mixed media piece.....

rusted bulldozer

 the fun’s not over yet…. i’ll be back for another round at the sale this coming weekend!
if you're in the area.... come on by!!

wisteria in bloom!


  1. HOW WONDERFUL! The barn and photos of the contents are amazing. Happy you sold a few treasurers.

  2. Oh...I just love these kinds of places. What fun!


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