Friday, May 25, 2012

Snippets of Joy

i have been reading this book (a little at a time…) and thought i would use my recent trip to san onofre beach to share some little poetry snippets with you.  yes, it’s my second trip there in less than a week – can you tell i love this place??  i have a pass to get in which is not valid from memorial day through labor day, so it was my last chance!

Have a joyful weekend!!!


  1. you too...hope it's a great weekend!! Your photos and quotes are wonderful!!

  2. Lovely images and poetry snippets. My favourite is the wet stones. I've always loved rocks :).
    Stay inspired!

  3. Dear Patty,
    This is the best.. I love this post it spoke to me and i feel better now that I read your blog...I was wondering if you might be available any thursday in june for dinner or a beer..I can come to you or we can meet..I think its important that we stay in touch...I thank you for such a wonderful post..

  4. Lovely, Patty! Beautiful photos and poetry. Thanks!

  5. I have that book, Patty, and love the selections you chose and how you presented them! Wonderful post! jane


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