Saturday, June 30, 2012

Oregon Preview

it’s raining again.... i’ve got warm slippers and sweats on and i’m not complaining because i realize most of the country is sweltering right now.  hard to imagine but i know it’s true.  as a get older i seem to have less tolerance for heat.  it zaps my energy and i like my energy.....

 this is the first time we have had wifi so i thought i would use the opportunity to post a few random oregon pics.  hard to choose from the thousand or so i have already, but here is a tiny sampling.  i continue to be utterly amazed at this magnificent state.  hope you are all staying cool as well and enjoying the best the summer has to offer!!


  1. Wonderful photos especially the one with the lighthouse in the background. I recognize the feeling of the heat that take all energy but I look forward to some sun tomorrow.

    My youngest daughter just saw your photo of the dog:
    - Ohhh, so cute!!!

  2. oh oh oh...
    the pictures! the trip! that adorable puppy face.
    you lucky girl.
    bon voyage patty! thanks for sharing such beauty.
    tammy j

  3. Oh Yes..This Southern Girl Could Share A Thing Or Two About The H.E.A.T. Right Now. Patty, It Was 106 in The Shade Yesterday! Your Photos Are Sensational..especially The Precious Puppy Face! Enjoy Beautiful Oregon! Love&Sunshine,Terri

  4. Absolutely LOVE these photos. At Yaquina Head I took similar photos as you did, it was just too tempting. The first one is Oregon Dunes I assume? This endless beach... Yes, the coast of Oregon is wonderful.

  5. What a gorgeous landscape. Love following your adventures!

  6. Thanks, everyone! I soooo appreciate your words of kindness and support!!


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