Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer Stuff

summer is speeding right along and we are smack dab in the middle of our first heatwave.  not my favorite thing for sure but it could be worse.  here are a few things happening over in this neck of the woods...

we had some friends over to help initiate our new deck and celebrate some special occasions.... good times!

This is the lovely building where the interview was held
i had an interview this week regarding my grant proposal (details here) to teach art journaling to homeless women veterans.   it went very well and i’m optimistic but won’t know for sure for a few more months.

 i’m showing my mixed media pieces at ArtBeat on Main Street, a brand new exciting gallery in downtown Vista.

i’m giving up the idea of a summer retreat in favor of teaching a series of creativity workshops at the gallery.  excited about this!

next week we are doing a presentation at vista rotary club regarding both the gallery and the workshops.

Always ready to play!

Whatcha got??

bailey continues to be such a joy to get to know.... so full of love and, unlike our other cockers, she is a real ball girl!!

stu has a class reunion next month and a family reunion 3 weeks later..... so looks like a couple of trips to northern ca are in our future.  i hope you are enjoying all the good things summer has to offer !!!


  1. you sound very busy with lots of exciting endeavors!! teaching the book journaling sounds very meaningful...i so hope you get your grant for it!!

  2. Patty.
    I am so happy that your life is so yummi right now. Happy Summer Patty..Love you. G

  3. It looks like some real good things are coming along for you! How wonderful you have an exhibit at the gallery - how does that feel?
    Whereabouts in Norcal are you heading to?

  4. Such a great post, Patty. So full of colour, atmosphere and just plain summer! You have some exciting stuff going on -- you are rockin' babe! xoDonna

  5. Wow,life's exciting for you right now!

    Your deck looks like such a great entertaining space!


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