Thursday, August 30, 2012

Word Collecting

here i am
inhaling the delicate silence and
teetering on the edge of darkness

juggling the insistent words
 of my own secret dialogue

feverish with the sound
 of my own tremulous voice

yet paralyzed...
 in the fragile echo of hope

it’s a precarious balance
this life that we live….

 about a year ago i started collecting words – any time i ran across words that spoke directly to me, words that carried more than a mediocre dose of meaning i would write them down.  

 eventually  i started combining the words into simple phrases – just for fun.  i made a whole slew of 2-5 word sequences that fit together in a provocative way.  i typed the whole list up a while back and ended up with several pages of seemingly nonsensical jargon. 

 it’s fun to play with these little phrases and combine them in new and interesting ways.  somehow this little poem came out of my play and, for me, it holds more meaning that i ever would have guessed.  you should try it sometime!

i so appreciate all of your thoughtful and insightful comments on my last post.  lately some of my posts have been stretching the edge of my comfort zone... remember, my word-of-the-year is "venture!"
thanks for being there!!!!

 (all iphone macros)


  1. stunningly beautiful, Patty Waite. Both words and photographs ... they live in harmony. hugs, Donna

  2. love that awesome to collect words! it's sorta reminds me of collecting images in magazines to put together for a goal collage...things come out that you never would have expected!!

    Your photos are just gorgeous!!!

  3. Your photos are sooo beautiful and I'm impressed of the iphone capasity. I've been thinking before about your word collecting but I couldn't decide what word I should have.

  4. Those are with your iPhone?! I am especially in awe of the raindrops in the first photo (or dew maybe).

  5. Your pictures are mind-blowing, Patty. As Marcie put it, exquisite beauty. The idea of collecting words never occured to me, but reading your poem twice I start to see what you mean. It sounds interesting and very worth a try.

  6. Oh Patty..the photos are stunning! But I love your words too! Do you remember an actress by the name of Ellen Corby? She played Grandma Walton on "The Waltons" for years. I once read an article on her and she too began collecting "words" as a young woman. She said in the article that every time she came across one that moved her in a particular way, she'd jot it down in her journal and look up its meaning so to remember it always.

    Anyhoo..when you said you had begun collecting reminded me of the only other person I've ever read that collected words. I think it's actually a beautiful idea..thanks for sharing yours today. Love&Sunshine, Terri


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