Monday, August 6, 2012

Mary's Wall

if you ran across this mosaic would you not say it was fabulous??  what if i told you it was just a small part of a wall that was 90 feet long??  and that it was all done by one person?  and that it was in her backyard?  and that she just started it this past January?  just for fun.  are you amazed yet?

that, my friends, is mary’s wall.

 mary and i have been friends for a very long time.  we worked together in the schools.  and while i’ve always known her to be a person whose creativity was near the surface (i.e. generating lots of new ideas) i was not aware, during our working-together years, of the extent of her artistic abilities.

 when she attended 2 of my retreats in the last few years, i started to get a clue.  she talked about doing this wall in mosaics, but seriously, i had NO IDEA!  she had a vision.

Space Between3 Retreat
the wonderful thing about the wall is that not only is it beautiful but it is very personal as well.  as we walked from one end to the other, mary gave a running commentary on what bits and pieces of her life and family and the local area were included in each section.  totally amazing....

so while mary is not looking to draw a lot of attention to herself or her wall, i felt that it was a story that just had to be told!!

is she done yet?  i don’t think so…. now that she sees how much fun it was, she has plans for even more mosaics in her yard.  so if you happen to break a plate….. save the pieces for mary!!  way to go, my friend!!

Another of her creations


  1. I remember her talking about it! And WOW - I am so happy to see pictures. It is so amazing and intricate and wow!!

  2. From the one little stepping stone we did as a group project to this! Pretty amazing. And I love that little table with the place settings.

  3. Patty...OMG!!! This is simply stunning!!! I love all her colors and bits and pieces of her life and story(ies).So inspiring...thanks for sharing this story with us Patty:) xxx

  4. This is amazing!!! What an intriguing work of art. I especially love the part in your last photo. Truly amazing.


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