Monday, August 20, 2012


the heat envelopes me
it squeezes my head
like a balloon
about to burst
it’s a stagnant
physical presence...

i can’t think straight
because the thoughts
have been hijacked
and are not allowed
to focus on anything....
how to get relief

 as i have mentioned before, i am not good in the heat!  we are so  spoiled here with our normally-temperate climate that a 12-day heat wave like this pretty much throws everything out of kilter.

 i find it very limiting and am very glad that the end is finally in sight….

the pics don’t really fit but i have been working on these and love them so much…. and they take me right back to those days spent in the coooool oregon dunes…..

hope you enjoy your virtual visit!!



  1. Absolutely incredible photographs, Patty. Somehow creates a longing in my heart - but for what - space? don't know. Beautiful words as always. xoDonna

  2. Oh wow..that's what Oregon looks like, huh?! Your photos are just AWESOME!!! Really beautiful!! I could so see them framed up super large in a living room!!

  3. Hi Patty, I found your site after receiving your postcard. I recently went on a photo shoot with our local camera club to the Oceano dunes here in California. Don' you just love the patterns created by the wind in the sand... these are beautiful photos. I posted just a few on my blog: and more on my facebook page.

  4. WOW...I can really feel the relentless never ending heat. Incredible scenes...terrific!

  5. I have a very weak side for the Oregon Dunes as well - and when I think of them I don't hear the annpying noise of the ATVs. We had some very hot days here as well, just when I started my "getting rid of the lawn" project. I could only work from 6:30 to 9:30 am, after that it was just too hot. Good excuse to take it slowly... I'm glad it has cooled down now that school has started again. There's a fresh(wo)man in the house now.


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