Friday, March 12, 2010

Help – They’re Everywhere!!

blame it on the rain – i can’t escape them, every time i step outside they accost me with their rebellious and unruly attitude.  it’s those blasted weeds!!  they're just so rude and obnoxious!!  and they grow like, well, weeds!!

normally i like things that are green and hardy and alive, so i have to wonder why i hate them so much. maybe it’s a control issue – i mean they are totally out of control and i’m not likin that at all.

also, i have some tendencies that are likely past the middle of the neatness continuum and they are really wreaking havoc with that.

i love having a little land to tend to – i mean that’s why we moved here, but i have to tell ya, this time of year, it makes me crazy!!!

there's no end in sight - H E L P !!!

ok, i have to admit that some of them are kind of pretty - unfortunately, they are just a tiny minority...
happy friday and i hope there are not too many weeds in your life!!


  1. amen! i hate those pesky things!!!!

    pop by my blog and listen to the song i posted today...couldn't resist putting it up even though it's not monday! i think it will make you smile and forget all about those weeds!!!

    love you,

  2. Are they really 'weeds'? Who told us they are weeds? Why did we believe them? I often wonder about these questions about 'weeds'. What if we didn't know they were 'weeds'. What would we do with them then? Beautiful photos Patti. Thank you!


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