Sunday, March 14, 2010

More Salton Sea

not sure what else to say about it except it's very "other-world-ly", some parts of it remind me a lot of mexico. 
there is a lot of history. at one time it was a thriving vacation playground, lots of fishing and water sports.  but time, floods, heat, financial disaster and neglect have taken their toll as wtnessed here.

at one time there were huge plans for development.  the streets were paved and infrastructure started, but it never happened, so some areas have a "ghost-town" feel.

in any case, there is a lot of beauty if you are willing to look past the ruin.  the birds are amazing!!  not everyone gets it, but it keeps pulling me back....

actually, it's one of my favorite types of places - filled with mystery, intrigue, history, nature and beauty (and not too many people!)


  1. how do you find these incredible placeS?

  2. such great pictures!!!

    i just love the lone white bird taking his stroll.

    sending love to you,

  3. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, you don't need to say much. These pictures are awesome, especially the last one. It's great to be an armchair tourist--"oh, the places we'll go"!

  4. i love seeing the world behind your lens my dear friend.
    love you.
    i just want to hop in your suitcase that okay?

  5. Very moving actually. Perhaps it's time for a coffee table book?

  6. A friend of mine visited the Salton Sea last year. After seeing her photos, I was determined to visit someday. I am so glad to see more incredible photos of it!


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