Friday, March 5, 2010

Back Home and More March Green

we are safely back home from our little desert jaunt.  while the wildflower situation was disappointing compared to other years, i do have some cool stuff to share, but since it's not ready, i will post a few more fun GREEN things....

green eyeballs

green kitchen (bodie ghost town)

laffy taffy

old green bus (oatman, arizona)

what fun and interesting GREEN  things are in your life???


  1. Way to go. Great choices on the photos. Fun!. Glad you are back.

  2. Loving the green theme patty.
    im gonna have to keep my eyes open.

  3. love love love the green kitchen!!

    actually, right now as i type this to you, i am all snuggled up in one of my fav green sweat jackets!!!

    sending love to you

  4. Ha. I can't get those eyeballs off my eyeballs. ;-)

    Green .. my lime green file boxes. I am not normally a green object lover, but these make me exceptionally happy.


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