Monday, March 29, 2010

Yes, it Was (Amazing!!)

i know there are some who are waiting to hear….

if you don’t know what i’m talking about please read this and this.

  i’m struggling a bit in coming up with words – how do you encapsulate an entire incredible weekend with a group of amazing creative women in just a few short words? i guess what i would say is that those of you who have been to a similar type of retreat will totally “get it” and i won’t have to say a lot. if you have not, what are you waiting for?? i can post some words and some photos, but unfortunately they do not convey the true essence of the retreat.

we hiked, we wandered, we learned, we explored, we played, we created, we chatted endlessly (as women will do!) and we also delved into some thought-provoking questions and shared new parts of ourselves.

sadly, one of our group became ill at the last minute and could not attend. i had to fight a major dose of the “doubt demons” trying to tell me that things were falling apart and would not be what i had hoped for. on the other side of the coin were those of you out there that were cheering me on and sending your sweet positive energy right to me. can you guess what won out??

i’m saving the best (and completely unexpected!) part for last. by the end of our time together, my little group, with its interesting mix of artistic, culinary and business-minded talents, had moved beyond being mere attendees and had instead become a sort of planning committee for the next retreat! all i can say is, i believe in the power of retreat!!! (and also thank you a million times to those who trusted me to make it happen!)

part of me still feels like this was just a dream.  did it actually happen??


  1. Oh Patty! I can actually feel the magic. YOU DID IT! Blessings and congratulations. I have so much more I want to say, however, there the words are missing. It's all emotions. Joy I think. Pure Joy for you and your achievement.

  2. I am so proud of you. What an incredible thing you created. You are such an amazing inspiring soul. I want to attend the next one :) I am so happy for you dear Patty, so very happy.

  3. Patty! How wonderful for you and your friends. I literally shouted "YAY!!!" out loud when I read this. I knew it would be great because you were creating it with such an open, generous heart.

  4. oh PATTY!!!!!!!

    YAY YAY YAY!!!!

    i am just so happy and my heart is full up reading your words and looking at your pictures!!! i KNEW it was going to be incredibly amazing and i am sure some life changing moments went on too....such goodness!!! cannot wait to hear more!

    i hope a little "courage" helped out if there was any lack of it at any time!!!

    love you so!

  5. Like Valerie, I actually shouted "YAY!" at the end! That is so wonderful. You are so wonderful. You made your dream come true! I am so glad it was amazing and wonderful - and that it will continue on. You will have to let us know about the next one.

    Yay, yay, yay.


  6. Yeah patty..I am so happy for all of you..The creative you ..the loving you..the girl in you that wants to have something special with her friends...You pulled it off and I am sure it wont be the first...way to go my scarf sister....

    can you hear me saying that? I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!
    whoo hoo!
    it looks like you created a most wonderful retreat. the lodge. the atmosphere. the photography. the yoga. the arts. it all looks delicious and YOU DID IT!
    gosh im so proud of you!
    way to go scarf sister!
    huge congratulatory hugs from me!


  8. Patty,

    You should definitely be proud of yourself for having the desire to do the retreat, and the courage and the patience to see it through. Even with the unforseen circumstances of someone getting sick at the last minute, you pressed on to have a great event with those that were able to attend. Bravo girlfriend!
    Special thanks too for returning my deposit check in full, which I didn't expect but you did anyway.

  9. so incredibly happy for you!


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