Thursday, September 16, 2010

Spread Some Love!


in thinking about my upcoming “anticipations”, i’m super excited about all the social connections i will be making.  since i stopped working last year, i have spent a fair amount of time working at home by myself.  while the solitude-loving side of me really thrives on the freedom of this life-style, the social side sometimes struggles with the isolation and  misses the social interactions (thank goodness for all of my internet buddies!!) so i will relish my time around family, old friends and new friends. 

thinking about this reminded me of some lines from a poem i wrote a few years back for a friend who was retiring:

the lives that we touch are like droplets of color

spread out through the earth

each one touching another

this thought in turn inspired these little digital images.  i had a great time creating them and I hope they remind you that every single day you touch lives (even if only through your computer) and i am so honored that you are a part of mine!!  thank you so much for stopping by!!


  1. i love that piece from the poem you wrote.....beautiful words of wisdom!!

    sending you love and ease about your upcoming anticipations!
    it's all gonna be GOOOOOOD!!

    lovin you sweet Patty

  2. These are such fun!! Especially love the colors!!!

  3. Oh Patty..I love your style! And I can fully relate to the isolation you spoke of, and the struggle that follows. I've found communicating via the computer, a godsend. It's been fasinating meeting so many new and wonderfully creative minds. But yes..I too have to periodically have physical time with family and friends..face to face..heart to heart. It sure would be difficult to imagine life without that type interaction because it makes me Seriously Happy!

    Thanks for visiting earlier. It always makes my day when hearing someone is enjoying my newest creations. And hey..before I forget..the book I referenced, "Alex & Me", was simply one of the best reads I've experienced in a long while. A truly remarkable story. Hugs of Friendship & Southern Sunshine, Terri

  4. And I am honored that you are part of mine.


  5. I love your little droplets of color and am so grateful to have you in my life.

    Sending you a great big hug!

  6. Dear are SO sweet! Thank YOU for touching my life! I can totally relate to how amazing technology is in terms of connecting us...I think it is hardwired into our DNA to seek/form communities. I hope you have an amzing time with your friends. should listen to some Italian opera when you get a chance. I have a feeling it will grow on you. Listening to Andrea Bocelli...sitting outside under a tree...with a breeze...amazing! P.S. thanks so much for reading my recent interview and your kind comments:) xxx


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