Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shooting in the Dark

lately when i get up and head out for my walk it’s pretty much pitch dark.  i kind of like it – like the world is still under the covers and hasn’t quite started to stir just yet. i feel like it’s a really soulful and peaceful way to start the day.

i’ve had my eye on a cactus plant that i could see was getting ready to bloom.  they have such gorgeous white flowers, but they are short-lived.  so i took my camera even though it was pretty dark out there, hoping it would be light enough to shoot it by the time i got to the plant. 

well, not really, and with no tripod i had to use a high iso (or flash); hence, the noise, but i do think they are kind of dramatic.

you never know!!


  1. wow I think these are gorgeous Patty! the light is amazing!

  2. These pictures are so beautiful. I love the noise in them. You are very clever, Patty!

  3. beautiful photos.

    i went on a run before the sun came up the other day but i felt very unsure footed. i do love how quiet the world is at that time tho!

  4. Amazing. And who cares about the noise... you gave us some stunning pictures.


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