Wednesday, September 8, 2010


this phrase was taken from a longer quote by barara kipfer in “self-meditation”.  simple, but it really hit me like a ton of bricks.  you see, with all my “anticipations” coming up, i sometimes feel lost in a morass of details, not to mention a party at my house this weekend, the printer is broken, my car needs service, blah, blah, blah.  my mind flits from one thing to the next… i make lists, only to leave some of the really important things off and forgetting to cross off those that are done.  well, i’m guessing that you get it.  welcome to life in the twenty-first century, right?

so this little quote came into my life to remind me that there is more…. more than busy details and deadlines, so much more in the experience of living. and the more often we can bring oursleves back to that silence..... (under the chaos)..... the more meaningful moments we will have, moments to remember and cherish, and ultimately, to help us through the details and the chaos.

in other news, it appears that i'm not the only one watching the birds!


  1. All so very true, Patty. The shot of "Kitty watching Birdies" ... priceless.

  2. hi lovely Patty!
    wow you have got lots going on... and I have to say I'm so excited for you about all your anticipations - what a lot to look forward to. I would do anything to be able to have an experience like the Be Present retreat, it sounds incredible and I think that is so wonderful you're having a reunion... truly you have all become friends and creative soulmates forver!
    It is very hard to still the mind sometimes, even when we eventually take time to sit on a cushion and meditate! It is reassuring to know there is silence under the chaos waiting to calm us when we're able to listen for it. xo

  3. Gorgeous images Patty, you captured the feeling of that quote perfectly. Those two birds on the wire are awesome!

  4. yes. i love it.
    there is silence under the chaos.

  5. i needed this reminder..."silence under the chaos". thank you.

  6. Yes, there is silence under the chaos - but sometimes it is very hard to find.
    Beautiful photos. And that cat? S/He appears to be on a hunt! That look in its eyes!

  7. That cat - s/he is beautiful!

    Lovely and much needed message in your post dear Patty! ♥

  8. as always you put out those wonderfull reminders just when i need to hear them.

    thank you Patty.

    and you are so right...."silence under the chaos".

    love to you

  9. Love the quote. And the images and their colors are terrific!!!

  10. Dearest Sweet always, you are so right "Silence under the Chaos". We really need reminding especially when things are so hectic.
    I am so excited for you with all the WONDER- FULL things you have to look forward to!! The Be Present retreat just looks amazing!!! It is such a gift to be a part of this community of women.
    What a wonderful idea that you and your hubby read to each other!! That is super romantic and soulful! I loved Broken came highly recommended and did not disappoint. It really put things in perspective for me..the ability to shed artifice and be authentic, vulnerable...human. I know you both are going to enjoy it.
    P.S. beautiful the birds don't think so:) xxx

  11. P.S. can't wait to hear about your beach getaway. Could use a little of that right now:)
    Pina Colado on the beach listening to Bob Marley:)

  12. uh-oh! those do not look like eyes of love. ;)


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