Monday, September 27, 2010

Not the Post I Planned...

no, it’s not the post i had planned, but it’s what has occupied my day, not to mention my emotions.  i may not be the most emotionally expressive person (hey, i’m dutch, not Italian!) but i feel things that happen right away in my body.  so last night when muffin went to chase her dingo bone (as she does every night) and suddenly couldn’t get up to get it, this horrible feeling washed over me.  why?  because this beautiful boy, at the age of 2, and after we had owned him just a few months, developed a sudden paralysis in seemingly the same manner and had to be put down.
Corky  2000 - 2002

so it all came rushing back, even though i wasn’t exactly thinking about that. it was like my body remembered it. sleeping was next to impossible, eating not much better and i’ve been feeling this heaviness inside, anxiety, yuck!

i mean this girl is a very cherished member of our little family. she has seen places that other dogs only dream of and has had a life, up till this point, that would rival that of a true canine princess.

but she is so worth it.  her enthusiasm for life is so endearing that she is very difficult to deny.  so, yes, she gets a lot of attention, and she thrives on it.  i can’t see anything wrong with that!  other than, at times like these, the emotional investment really takes its toll.

so she’s back home and resting.  diagnosis?  herniated disc or possible spinal infection.  we watch and wait and medicate and go back for updated x-rays in two weeks.  thank goodness, not paralysis, but we are not out of the woods yet.  as you can see, she is a climber.  we’ve always been amused by her cat-like ways, but  this is a habit that needs to change.  no more jumping or climbing.  so we have our work cut out for us, but are so happy she is back home!!

i am feeling better, but now my wallet seems to be hurting....


  1. ahhhh!
    so sorry. prayers are going up!
    you are such a sweetheart.

  2. Oh, little Muffin! Sending {hugs} and love to you both. It is hard when you have to curtail the movement of movement-focused pups, even when it is for their own good.

  3. Muffy is so sweet! Pets are so special! Remember what I went through with Tabitha? I am so glad Muffy is better! Give her a special pet for me!

  4. sending big squeezes and blankets of love to you and Muffin.

    remember to breathe.
    we are here for you....sending prayers up and positive thoughts out!!!

    loves to you

  5. I'm so glad Muffin is home. That is some comfort. It will be a challenge to keep her quiet so she can heal. Pet's are such gifts and teach us so much. The emotional investment is well worth the grieving we endure. Take care. I know you will have a nervous night. Sending love and light and massive hugs for both of you. xx

  6. Sending good thoughts to both you and Muffin. She's a little darling.

  7. I am so happy she is home and that it is not that same paralysis. I will keep sending doggy love to her!

  8. Oh my..I'm so sorry about your baby, but very pleased she's home. I promise to send some prayers up. Please try and not be too sad, and please update us on her return visit to the vet in two weeks. Sending hugs for the both of you, Terri

  9. Glad she is doing better. It is scary when someone you love so much is in pain.

  10. sending healing energy and love to you and your sweet little one!

  11. sending healthy vibes & lotsa love your way.

  12. O so sorry about this! My baby is a climber too...and a jumper. Sending well wishes to your furr-baby and to you too...

  13. My thoughts are with you! I hope she comes out of it ok. So hard when we give our hearts to these wonderful animals, but so rewarding too.

  14. what a cute Muffin she is. i am so glad she's back at home. i pray for her speedy recovery.


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