Monday, February 14, 2011

Post - Party Jitters

lavender and champagne from julianne

ok, let me just say up front that it was a an absolutely gorgeous day with lovely, gracious friends who really seemed to love the little studio and i’m pretty sure everyone had a good time.  in spite of the fact that this was still happening on friday….

1:30 on saturday (done!)….

3:30 on saturday (yes, the trash pile has yet to disappear in spite of promises to the contrary)….

my rationale mind knows that that is all true, so why can’t i just stop there and leave it at that??  i don’t really know, but i can’t.  here’s how it goes.  i’m awake about 2am after the party….
i wonder if ___  had a good time
i wish i would have talked more to ____
i forgot to ask ____ about ____
i wish i would have put out the rest of those snacks
darn – i wish i would have taken more pictures
seriously, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME????

lively converstions

good food and drink

soraya, julianne and viki

group discussion on the deck (2 guys braved this group of women!)

while i’m spilling all of this on the table i’m going to admit that this sort of thing happens to me even when i’m attending someone else’s party, but more so when it’s my own.  you see, then i am responsible for everyone’s happiness.  aren’t i??  writing this out is helping me see how ridiculous my insecurities are, but i’m still hoping maybe there is someone out there that can relate to it.  that would help me feel better.  and reading soraya’s version of things REALLY helped me feel better.  thanks, my sweet friend.

sweet gift from jane

gorgeous piece from soraya (plus a tote bag!)

check out this tag - is that not perfect?? (and the paper!)

lovely drawing from meg

bushels and baskets of LOVE to all of you this valentine’s day.  i do SOOOO appreciate each and every one of you!!!!! 


  1. What a lovely little studio and patio. Looks like so much fun!

  2. Well it looks like you had a great time warming your perfect new studio!

    I am just the same as you....did I day the right things, do the right things, did they like me, will anyone ever come back???

    You can tell by the happy looks on their faces that they felt right at home!

  3. this is the best. i love that you had a little warming. i think i am going to do this when i finish mine. you are inspiring.


  4. All I can say is ... it was a wonderful party, Patty! I was there in spirit .. remember? Everyone had a lovely time. Imagine is very lovely and I know you will spend many happy hours there.

  5. Patti, it looks lovely! It looks like everybody had a really good time! I'll hop over to Soraya now! See ya!

  6. oh dear sweet Patty!!! We all had a wonderful time...I forgt to even take pics beacuse I was gabbing so much:) I mean...the whole time over there was paradise (I'm moving in...remember??")... I am sure everyone will agree:) + your hubby Stu was a doll:) And you looked so just were radiating joy. I had no idea you were having a meltdown:)
    Don't worry...I think it's completely normal to wonder how things went when you host an event. xxx

  7. I loved your party and your beautiful studio. I too wish I had been able to have more conversations with everyone there. You know what it means? More parties!

  8. Isn't it amazing all the pressure we put on ourselves. When really what we need to do is just sit back and let it all sink in. Why is that so hard to do?

    Your studio is beautiful. I am glad you had this gathering and are learning from it. I cannot wait until the day that I can sit in there with you and create side by side.


  9. Looks like/sounds like a wonderful time. And - I love your post-party rambling thoughts! So familiar...

  10. What a wonderful place! In my dreams a wish I had a studio like that and who knows, maybe someday....

    Thank's for the comment on my site, you seem to have a little warmer climate.

  11. Ummm, yes, very familiar. I always do that post-something. "Why didn't I talk more .. or to x .. or .."

    I hope I get to see it in person someday - it looks like such a wonderful place to create and dream!


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