Friday, February 11, 2011

Solo Retreat

it’s just me
time slows
beats a different drum
birds chatter
giddy with life
oblivious to trouble

fickle wind
plays hike and seek
through the pines
shy and hesitant
then bold and deliberate

subtle, ethereal windchimes…

deck chairs bathed in moonlight
stars punctuate barren branches
smoke spirals
melding with bracing breezes
wafting outward
becoming one with the atmosphere


i immerse myself in the moment
the perfect excuse to do nothing
but soak up
all the goodness
of now

( more about my little trip and more pics here)


  1. i can feel the air. surrounded and embraced. what could be better for the mind, soul, body.

  2. Oh Patty!!! Is this where you were these past few days? Up in the mountains? Oh! It just looks heavenly! Hope you managed to get into your studio. Am pretty excited about tomorrow! I just can't wait to see it and catch up:) I may not be there exactly at 3:30-is that O.K.?
    Have had a rough week-doctor appt. all the way in San Diego nand then..half a day at the DMV. I passed the Ca. drivers' but...barely:) xxx

  3. sounds like heaven.
    nuturing yourself
    how i learn from you.


  4. that sounds like heaven.
    i would love to be on a solo retreat like that right now!

  5. You guys are so sweet!! I think you get it. When I started doing this, a few years back, I never told anyone because I thought they would think i was weird. Or I made an excuse, "it's just a photo-shoot". I'm getting a little braver!!

  6. this sounds OH SO WONDERFUL. i LOVE to go on solo retreats. i need to do this more.
    i HEART you dear.
    {posted some LOVE of yours on my blog today. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING}

  7. How delicious! I've been wanting to go on a (truly) solo retreat - because in some sense, it's not truly solo with the pup - to this place on the Oregon coast where each room is named after an author and it's a family style dinner. It's on my list. So yes, I totally get it. :)


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