Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Stuff

"Peices of the Past" mixed media piece

i've been wanting to put together a piece with actual photos of some of my ancestors, so here it is.  the guy is my great-grandfather moss, born in the netherlands and emigrated in the late 1800's.  the women are his daughters.  the middle one on top was the youngest and my grandmother.  you can't tell here, but she had red hair and was by all accounts, somewhat spoiled.  many of the sisters (there were also a couple boys not pictured) died at fairly young ages, but both my grandma and her dad lived into their 80's.  my mom remembered him fondly and speaks about him in her book.

this piece was created in response to the next retreat theme "nourishment". 
lots of layers and hidden treasures in there!

3 new bookmarks this week.

and some other recent ones.

and last, but not least, i made this little (easy) "pear flip-flop" (the pears start on the top and end on the bottom!)  way exceeded my expectations.... total yumminess!!

yes, i have been busy!


  1. lovely piece with your ancestors in. (he looks quite a fellow!)

  2. look at you go!
    love seeing you so creative.

  3. You are taking off, Patty!!! I love your mixed media piece and those bookmarks are lovely. And... do you think me might get the recipe to the total yummminess???

  4. Your work with piece of the past really speaks to me.

  5. These are wonderful - especially the first one with the story of your ancestors!

  6. Love the family piece, Patty. Isn't it fun working with old photographs? You have been very very busy and from the looks of things having a wonderful time. What would we do without our creativity!? Absolutely inspiring ... again and again, Patty.

  7. Dear Patty-I love the mixed medai piece you did-and you totally are not going to believe this, but I am currently working on a blog post along these lines!!! Okay-the pear yumminess desert...looks so good-you have to pass along your stay slim secrets too:) and I love your bookmarks. Do you turn your photos into them-how awesome!! hope we can get together this week...Thurs-will call you. Sent you an e-mail already. xxx

  8. thought I was a follower! well-am now:)

  9. This: "I memorize the color of the sea." Yes.

    What a fun way to remember your ancestors! It's funny - the 1800s seems like a million years ago. But it really wasn't. (Duh. I know.)


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