Tuesday, February 8, 2011


one of my journal covers

it seems i’ve been having a generous dose of this delightful phenomenon in my life lately.  for instance there’s the situation with soraya.  we met online last summer through kelly rae’s flying lessons class and really connected.  she lived on the east coast, me on the west.  well, if you know her, you know the whole story, but bottom line:  she is now living less than 15 minutes from my house and we have already gotten together!

speaking of soraya, she mentioned last friday on her blog how it was “wear red” day for heart awareness.  i honestly had no idea, but check out the shirt that i happened to wear that day.

and speaking of friday, my husband talked me into a jaunt to the local thrift store, just to see what we could see.  well…. here are just some of my finds….there were these awesome painted trunks (so perfect for the studio), 

these journals perfect for my retreaters,

transparency film for printing, which i had just been talking to my friend pam about and lamenting how i never bought any because it was too expensive (umm – would you believe $2???)

i’m saving the best for last.  as i was shuffling through the bric-a-brac bin (i didn’t make that up, that’s actually what they call hodge-podge stuff) i ran across these 2 wooden words. 

above the window in its new home in the studio

if you’ve been reading my blog for a while you know that not only is IMAGINE my “word of the year”, but it’s also the name of my brand new studio.

how do you like that for "coincidence"??


  1. oh how i love the imagine over your door. so perfect.

  2. Serendipity is a wonderful thing, but it only happens when you have an open heart and mind so that you can recognize the gift when it arrives. This is a really nice post. Thanks for sharing.

    YEP. I AM!!!

    i love all of this....good good good stuff!!!



  4. Dear Patty-I love how you are riding the cusp of SERENDIPITY:) And can I just say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 2 words you found! How amazing is that! You must be pretty excited about your studio being all done-and the studio wraming on Sat...I can't wait! It's so amazing that you now have a delightfull place all of your very own...to create and dream and imagine!!
    Yes...I entered the OWOH bloghop and...I can't keep up Patty!!! I usually only get 5-6 comments on my blog...I was trying to respond and get to a few blogs...but...But it is an amazing opportunity to meet creatives from all corners of the world! Talk to you soon!xxx

  5. Yes - definitely serendipity that you should find so many of YOUR words!!

  6. WOW ... that was all 'meant to be' was it not! I miss thrift shops, and you did find some perfect 'stuff'. So happy for you.

  7. Serendipity at it's finest! Great finds... Best of luck with the studio.

  8. Oh! Serendipity indeed! The name looks so beautiful and inviting above the door.

  9. You are living in a world of synchronicity! Love it!

  10. Oh Patty..Love your new treasures! Especially the wooden boxes! Yes, for sure it's Serendipity on both sides of our great nation! I just peeked through some of your previous posts and saw the new name for your studio! LOVE IT! Thanks for popping by my place earlier. It always makes me so happy knowing you've visited! :)) Here's hoping you have a wonderful weekend sweet lady ~ Sending you hugs of Georgia Sunshine, Terri

  11. oh how cool! Love the Imagine & Dream... So neat to read about your connection with Soraya - I was called to go check out her blog & while reading her about me section I noticed that she and I went to the same university. neat!


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