Thursday, February 24, 2011

Old Stuff

in contrast to my recent post called new stuff, i couldn't resist the contrast.  while i'm out hiking in the desert i thought you might enjoy seeing some of the cool old stuff that was in the cabin i stayed at while i was up on mt. palomar a few weeks ago.  enjoy!!

truthfully, this was just a fraction of it.  fun, fun stuff!!


  1. Love old shabby stuff that can tell a story if you have imagination.

  2. Very neat. My favorite is the red iron I think ...

  3. Coca-Cola! I am a sucker for their vintage stuff. Not that I own any, but I do love it.

    Is that an iron?

  4. I love all this old stuff - just beautiful. And makes great photos as well!

  5. Ah..Thanks Patty For Sharing These Glimpses Of The Past! I Love Anything Vintage. Like Your Use Of Contrast Between The Old And The New. Always Got That Mind Of Yours In Gear..Makes Visiting Your Place Exciting And Fresh. I've Been Rackin' My Brain Trying To Put Together A Composition Using The Rain Photos You Posted A Few Days Past. Those Relections And The Way In Which You Captured Them..STILL GET ME Each Time I Look At Them! I've Downloaded Them As Files And I Know Some Day I'll Use Them! Have A Glorious Weekend Sweet Friend! Hugs Of Southern Sunshine, Terri


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