Monday, February 21, 2011

Shine On

if time were not structured into days…
it would stretch out before us,
a vast unending sea
sweeping us along in its embrace
without interruption or pause

our thoughts would flow
melding with those of our companions
swirling, spiraling and reaching ever outward
past time into eternity

there would be no stopping
our creative impulses
unabated they would pour forth
like clear cascading streams
picking up momentum
as they waft their way
into the universe

well, it’s fun to IMAGINE….
but at the end of the day
(yes, there is a day
and it does have an end)
we are mortal creatures
bound by the limits of time..

isn’t it amazing
how we manage to
 make our creativity shine
right through those limits?

SHINE ON, my friends!!

photos taken in manzanita, oregon and dana point, ca.  heading to the desert wed. - see you next week!


  1. Incredible photos and words. Touched my heart, Patty. Thank you.

  2. Stunning photos, Patty, and your words as well. Enjoy the desert!

  3. i am almost in tears. this makes me miss my girls so so much. you have prints? i mean - i know you do. but i guess what i am asking is. i can i order a couple from you. i need patty art. i love this last image.

    let me know how to get some.


  4. Patty,
    You have to make your blog into a book after you have enough post..Its so good..I love this post...Ok as far as going to Palm spings I asked for the day off and I will know next week so I wil let you know..
    Have fun in the dessert.. G

  5. I thought it looked like Oregon! I have a photo of the Oregon coast on my blog today too. I'd love for you to come by and link in these images of sky. Enjoy your trip!


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