Friday, April 22, 2011

The Crack Where the Light Gets in

i love leonard cohen so much.
love this song.
and most particularly this line.

i’ve been struggling with my creative mojo this week,
gotten a little off-kilter
distracted from my path
for a bunch of different reasons.

 when things feel a little dark
i find the image of that crack to be so powerful.
there is ALWAYS a crack,
a crack in everything, as the song says.

 finding it doesn’t always come easy,
but knowing that it’s there makes
all the difference.
because we will find it…. eventually
and the light will come in
and touch us where we need it most.

  if you’ve never seen him perform,
you are missing something very special

Enjoy - Happy Earth Day and Happy Easter!!!

Oh, almost forgot.... registration is open for the Inner Gardening Mini-Retreat!


  1. oh patty, you are on the journey. Thank you for sharing your sadness as well as your gladness. The world honours you for you are whole, complete. Without the dark and the light, we would be so shallow. Your post made me cry, so there must be something in the air. Beautiful song. I'm thinking about you dear Patty. Be gentle with yourself. xx hugs from Mexico, Donna

  2. Have a great Easter, Patty, and wow, the imagery of this post really hit home as well as your words...great stuff!!!

  3. I think these are the ups and downs on the journey. It's not a smooth one, that's for sure. I struggled this week a lot as well. But remember the big Winston: Never, never, never give up!
    Some of the photos are of Cathedral Gorge?

  4. Love the idea..the concept of cracks allowing in the light. And - me too - I'm a big Leonard Cohen fan!

  5. Maybe this sounds strange but I have always loved the voice of Leonard Cohen, but I have never listen to the lyrics in his songs. Not even "First we take Manhattan then we take Berlin....." Maybe I have to find out what that song is about.


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