Saturday, April 30, 2011


i’m not really a bandwagon type of girl.  in fact, often just seeing that “everyone is doing” something is enough to make that something suspect and send me straight in the other direction.  not really sure why this is.  i mean in high school, like most adolescents, i was pretty driven by my peer group, the latest fashion trends, etc.

but somewhere along the line, i realized that i prefer to do my own thing.  maybe it’s my rebellious streak.  or my fiercely independent nature.  or a desire to stand out from the crowd.  or some kind of resistance to change.  but for the most part,  i’m not easily swayed to go along with the current trends.  i would find it really burdensome to try to keep up with all of that.

staying true to my calling and my inner self is something i have learned to put a high priority on and i’m convinced that it’s worth the trouble.  but it can sometimes be a lonely endeavor.  a lot of the things that “most people” enjoy, i don’t seem to have much interest in.  like shopping (except thrifting!)  or sports.  or jewelry.  or watching the royal wedding (ok, i do have it on tape).  at times i feel a bit like a social misfit.  and it’s hard to believe that at my age, i still sometimes feel the sting of rejection when i am not included in things.  i get it, but the hurt is there nonetheless.  (what, have i not moved on from junior high??)

this has taken a completely different direction than what i intended, which so often happens when i put finger to keyboard.  didn’t really mean to take you down that path – in fact, i was planning to talk about how the current trend that i’m resisting is the iphone.  pretty sure it’s only a matter of time and i’m already halfway there since i use my ipod touch all the time, but i’m still holding out.  we’ll see what happens…. 

me on the red rocks, nevada
(all wagons in utah)


  1. Love the wagon photos! It's fascinating that the text we sometimes plan to write becomes something else when we are ready.

  2. Gorgeous wagons. I'm amazed there are still that many around. YEAH PATTY! Being true to you is just the best thing. Rock on! hugs, Donna

  3. Amazing where we take ourselves when we put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). Always something interesting to uncover. Wonderful images!!!

  4. Haha. I was wondering if this was going to be your iPhone post. I used to jump on bandwagons. I probably still do in some fashion, though most of the things I love, I would love whether or not anyone else loved them. (I'd buy Apple even if I was the only one - though I guess if I was, there would be no Apple to buy from ;)

  5. i love your independent nature and the person that you are!

    the last photo of you is incredible!!!!

    big love to you

  6. Lovely wagon photos! That Red rock photo is awesome, I don't think I'd ever get that far up those rocks, you're very courageous.

    I'm holding out on the iPhone, only because I'm waiting for my contract to be up. :-)

  7. Oh Patty-I think we all feel like misfits to some degree:) And then we form our own communities around our particular ..uh...quirks:) = our tribe!!! I love the pic of you rock climbing in Nevada! Looks a bit scary...a sheer rock face!!
    EEEEK! You didn't watch the royal wedding??? Tara and I were sick on we huddled up on the sofa and watched...everything royal. I loved everything...except for those godawful hats everyone was wearing. I mean...some of those things were really beeeee-zzzzzzzare!!! xxx

  8. oh I just KNEW this was going to be about iphones! I totally hear you. I'm the same way. I actually avoided a cell phone for as long as possible. So to admit that I have an iphone now?...well, after I finally got over my bandwagon resistance, it wasn't long before I loved it!


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