Monday, April 25, 2011

What's Goin' On??

still taking my morning walks with camera and notebook (red lilies for easter!)

well, quite a bit, as it turns out!  here are a couple of snippets.


 last week we went down to mission beach to visit with stu’s brother and family and friends who were all spring-breaking from lake tahoe.  too bad it was cold and drizzly, but they made the best of it!

while a was there, i snuck out to go look at the house i used to live in in my 20’s.  still there, not changed much!  right on the ocean.  i’m really dating myself here, but i had 2 roommates and we each paid $100 a month (off-season, during the school-year.) that balcony above the umbrella is where we hung out to watch everyone (guys!) go by on the boardwalk.  those were the days!

4 more days of on-call federal jury duty.  i don’t mind regular jury duty, but this goes on for a MONTH and involves nightly call-ins to see if i have to be in court 40+ miles away in heavy traffic at 7:30 the next morning.  ughhh…. makes it pretty difficult to make any plans.

as you can see in the side-bar, i’m starting my experimental art e-course today.  should be fun and get me trying some new things!  for the first time ever, i decided to dress up my boring old spiral-bound journal.  does make it kind of fun to write in!

 lots of different partly-done projects going on in the studio….  oh, spent a day last week hanging out with the lovely soraya (and tara too!)  will have to take some pics one of these times!

getting excited about our upcoming trip to taos in a couple of weeks.  in a rare move, we decided not to take the motorhome, but to rent a cool adobe house instead.

 i’ve been busy making plans with my friend laura for the inner gardening min-retreat coming up on june 4.  super exciting!! 

that about wraps it up …. thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Wow, you have got it goin' on Girl! I'll be so interested in hearing about your e-course. Taos! One of my loves in this world ... spent a few months in Santa Fe studying art and fell in love. Your old house -- such great memories. Thanks for the peak into your busy life. Rock on! xxDonna

  2. There's some really nice pics in this post. I especially like the empty chairs. It's like that one in the center is calling my name.

  3. Oh! You're going to Taos! I so want to go there and take pictures. I keep wondering if I can take Atlas on a road trip there this year.

    Life sounds busy yet wonderful.


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