Monday, April 11, 2011


as much as i love and crave solitude and find it absolutely essential for creating, i am really smitten lately with the idea and power of collaboration.

last november, my unfurl scarf sisters and i did a collaborative project in which each of us started a collage canvas and then sent it around the table for everyone to add their own unique contribution.  i cherish my piece because a little part of each sister is imbedded right there within it.

last week at the space between retreat, carol set us up for a collaborative mosaic project.  most of us were completely clueless about how to do mosaics, but once she showed us the basics, we were able to join in and add to the piece.  i’m so fortunate to have the finished product now gracing the outside of my studio and can think about each person that helped to make it possible.

my latest collaboration involves sharing ideas with my new friend laura to put together a one day mini-retreat (more details soon!)

liz lamoreux (creator of the bepresent retreats) speaks in her inner excavation book about some unique ways of collaborating with others – sharing images, words and ideas – through cyberspace as well as together in the same room.

there is definitely an element of fear that has to be conquered in order to collaborate.  we have to step up and be willing to expose ourselves and our work, making it visible to others.  it’s a little scary and sometimes the comparison demons can shout pretty loudly.  but it’s a step i want to continue to take because i have seen the power in it.  i’m definitely convinced that taking our talents and swirling them together in new and original ways produces an outcome that is greater than the sum of the parts!


  1. Collaborations can be so inspiring. The ways in which we learn and grow from one another...

  2. Collaboration sounds like a fantastic journey - it needs a lot of trust, I think. Patty, I love that first picture, it says so much.

  3. i love these moments.

  4. I'm learning it's a wonderful way to create. I'm also learning it really helps us learn to leave our inner critic behind. A valuable process in moving forward in so many ways. Have fun! xxDonna

  5. Patty-I LOVE LOVE LOVE that first pic!! And yes...I imagine that collaboration requires us to step outside of ourselves in a big way... a leap of I talked to Jane this weekend-so sorry I missed the the little get together. I got the dates all mixed up...SIGH!!She told me all about your 1 day retreat...I love seeing you soar as you are doing!!! xxx

  6. the power of people coming together is amazing. collaboration can be scary at times because of the unknown...but the end result is usually heart opening.



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