Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Nature of it All

although the retreat weekend was filled with activities of various sorts, 
there were plenty of opportunities to slip away,
to wander...  
and infuse myself with the wonders of nature. 

it's a big part of the call to do this for me
and i always get more than i could ever anticipate...
hard to explain, but such a gift.


  1. beautiful photos..especially that first one!! I have to read on to see where you're at!

  2. Your photos are so beautiful! The first one is stunning - absolutely gorgeous.

  3. Such beauty all around us .. and you capture it, Patty. You have a knack .. a gift ... xxD

  4. It looks so beautiful. I am surprised at the reds, even in spring! But it looks so different from the last one.

    So glad you enjoyed your retreat!

  5. Patty-I just love these pics! They revive me...feed my soul. Especially that first looks so solemn and majestic...almost otherworldly. And I love the sunsets...never get tired of those. the retreat sounds amazing and ...I can't wait to hear all about it Patty!
    I am feeling a little better after a day of semi-lollygagging! xxx

  6. Wonderful and relaxing photos, the nature can give so much of healing by just being there.

  7. Gorgeous morning light!! So peaceful...beautiful...meditative.


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