Monday, August 22, 2011


the intense struggle to get here
the driving
the sitting
the waiting
the reading
the long and not-so-winding road
(known as I-5)
the brain in full gear….

it all falls away
dissipates like the mist
over the dunes
as the sun pokes up
and reaches out
to the shore

 stretching its long
and dainty fingers
and touching
the reeds
the mosses

a leaf
a branch
the rocks
and the sand….

the sigh
is long and submissive


  1. Like a meditation, Patty. The shot of the heron (?) is magnificent. Your words flow like the soft sound of a brook. xxDonna (PS. Did my post card ever show up for your hospice patient?)

  2. I love the gold-like color of the dried grass.

  3. Wow. Really beautiful Patty! I love this post!

  4. love the mood you set with your lovely photos and words!!


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