Monday, August 15, 2011

Thank You, Oregon

 for your endless miles of jaw-dropping coastline
punctuated by every conceivable variation
of jagged rock formation

for your ever-swirling fog and mist
and the rare bouts of delicious sunshine


for your thriving sea life and water fowl communities

for your infinite greenery,

trees stretching right to the edge of the sea…
and beyond

for your cooling ocean breezes,
be-lying the reality of mid-summer

for your stalwart lighthouses,
beacons standing valiantly against nature’s ferocity

 for your relentless rivers, creeks and streams

for your endless supply of berries,
ripe and ready for picking

 and for your fabulous state parks with their
            reasonable rates
            free day use
            welcoming dog policies (on trails and beaches!)
            electricity and water hook-ups

(psst!  could you please tell california to get a clue about some of this!)

oh, and did you know that oregon even has a redwood grove??

i'm immersed in a state of gratitude.....  to have had the opportunity to experience all of this goodness!!
happy, happy.......


  1. Oh Patty, what a beautiful post. You are so right, gratefulness is what it's all about. I'm a little homesick for the trees and the ocean at the moment, so these beautiful photographs his the spot. Love the photograph of The Muff enjoying a trot along the beach. xxDonna

  2. oh i am so in love with oregon... after my visit there in july. cannot wait to go back!

  3. Gorgeous pictures, Patty. They brought back our own trip to Oregon... It's so darn beautiful. You're so right about the State Parks - why can't California get its act together?

  4. Oregon is captured the beauty!

  5. Oh how wonderful! I've always wanted to visit Oregon but haven't had the chance yet. Maybe next Summer : ).


  6. ohhhh man...i've never been there and now after reading your words and seeing your photos i am aching to go!!!!

  7. Now I HAVE to go to Oregon!!!Wow! It actually reminds me of New Zealand with the coastline and rawness. Beautiful pictures as always Patty!

  8. Patty-I have always always wanted to go to Oregon...and now...I must go!!! I just love your pics...I feel as if I am right there with you! Love the redwoods and berries + the jagged coastline. It really is nature's cathedral. It's great that you had so much time unplugged. So glad you are home now though.
    I also love all your mail art!! What a nice surprise to come home to!
    Oh! We are going to Big Bear and...yeah...anything you can tell me would be graet. Will send you an email. xxx

  9. Yes, yes, and yes! I love all of that about it! I am thankful for the welcoming dog policies in the PacNW every single day. :)

    So happy to see pictures of the southern coast! It is gorgeous!


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