Thursday, August 18, 2011

In My Path

it was an ordinary morning
i stepped into the driveway
loaded down with a sizeable stack
of freshly laundered clothes
bound for the motorhome

 and then this…….
was in my path

down went the laundry
out came the camera

i was in another world
a world of delicate droplets
and ethereal intricacies
i was drinking
from the spring of amazement

and thinking how
just a few short years ago
i would have passed by
with barely a glance….

what will be in your path today??
keep (all!) your senses open
and be AMAZED



  1. Wow, these are such amazing and beautiful images Patty. Thank you for sharing them. It makes me want to go out with my camera as soon as I can.

  2. stunning!!!!!!!!

    these pictures are magical .... thank you for sharing and for noticing!!!!

    loving you and missing you

  3. awesome, awesome photos Patty!! not a fan of the spider but their webs are amazing...especially with raindrops on them!!!!

  4. this is lovely,,just beautiful,,

  5. More 'take my breath away' photographs Patty. What an amazing world we live in, if only we stop to notice. Stunning. Your photos just get better and better. xxDonna

  6. How extraordinarily beautiful, Patty. These photos are stunning! I love spider webs with their little dew drops, but my pictures NEVER turn out so exquisitely as yours. Beautiful work.

  7. Absolutely magical strings of effervescent pearls. And - thanks for the reminder to always remain mindful..that gems are everywhere.

  8. I lost words, this feels almost artificial.
    I'm glad you dropped the laundry!

  9. Oh my gosh, your photographs are amazing as is the subject. They look unreal in their magic. We should all stop and just look around us. My path today leads to the grocery magic to be found.

  10. just when i think you have outdone yourself, you outdo yourself again! and when you do, i feel brighter, lighter and deeply satisfied in these such delicious moments. oh, thank you, patty, i am awed.


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