Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Edge

the coast = the edge

the edge of reality....

so when the tide is out
the edge is stretched....

pushed beyond its usual limits
and another world emerges…..

i love edges!!


  1. your photos are just beautiful! and i appreciate them even more after tide pooling last weekend!!

  2. You more often than not your photographs leave me speechless. I crawl into them and sit. I contemplate. They embrace me. They complete me. Thank you. xxDonna

  3. Always a surprise to me how the edge shifts and changes - with the seasons..and with where we are at any moment in our lives. Wonderfully illustrative images.

  4. I still remember the first time I saw a starfish in Oregon. I clapped my hands with glee. I don't know how they look anywhere else, but here at least, they are so colorful and squishy-looking! They make me smile.

    I want to see that first creature someday. (Well, a relative, anyway.)

  5. Your photos are just stunning! I'm blown away!

  6. Patty the colors and contrasts you are able to capture in your photographs is marvelous. I love the bright colors and the textures. Do you sell your photos or show them in a gallery?


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