Wednesday, August 31, 2011


it was an ordinary creek
nothing spectacular about it

 a frog splashing
the water rippling
the sun dancing
a butterfly fluttering
these are the subjects that capture my attention….

 i get lost in the shimmering reflections
they transport me into a different realm
so close, but yet so far from this one

 when i opened my senses
the ordinary creek became a WONDERLAND
filled with magical images…..


  1. It is just full of spectacular images! Trust you to notice and capture them! Can I have a favorite? Because that first one is mesmerizing. I keep going back to it.

  2. oh my gosh what beauty,, just amazing,,

  3. Very magical, Patty. What camera do you use for your gorgeous photos? I am always in awe at the colors you obtain. Your sentiments that accompany them are also a delight. How come one person is given two talents that weave together so perfectly.

  4. Thanks Patty. I needed some water today. xxDonna

  5. Patty, these are stunning images! Absolutely beautiful. All the colors appear to be so warm. Yes, it is a wonderland.

  6. beautiful photos!! I can just see that first one really large, framed up and hanging...that's a show stopper piece!!

  7. Some of your wonderful photos reminds me of something psychedelic so I guess mother nature master and create all kind of art!


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