Sunday, August 28, 2011

What Goes Around....

as a kid, i was a collector.  mostly stuff from the natural world.  i had an extensive rock collection, a shell collection, a leaf collection and the best bug collection that mr. fryling, my 7th grade science teacher, had ever seen!  i spent the whole summer working on it and since my dad owned an air-conditioning and heating business, he had his guys make me a beautiful sheet metal display box with a see-through lid to store my bugs in.  (oh, for a pic of that lovely hand-crafted box with the meticulously-labeled insects stuck into styrofoam with pins!)

Love using these in collage!

 i also collected stamps, coins and napkins.   while most of the other stuff has gone by the wayside, i still have the stamps and coins today.

saving them for a rainy day!

as an adult however, and especially as i get older, i am finding that, for the most part, instead of collecting stuff, i am driven to get rid of possessions.  i seem to have a strong drive to de-clutter and keep things very, very simple.  it comes partly from moving a lot – every time i have to do it, i swear i am going to “travel light” and i have been doing my best.

 in spite of that, look at the treasures i carried back with me from oregon!  while in general i am unloading extra possessions, i still seem to want to collect things that i am drawn to from nature.  i think my new-found involvement with mixed media art and art journaling has been a catalyst of sorts.  to bring me back to my childhood roots of collecting.  can’t help but think what goes around…..comes around!

are you a collector or a de-clutterer??


  1. I am both! We had to sell our house and move to an apartment when my husband became ill and took early retirement, I decluttered a lot and I keep things vey simple but, on my walk everyday I gather leaves, feathers , shells rocks and sticks, just stuff., the ornaments in my home are all nature themed, I don't keep things long unless they are tiny rocks or shells and I do put out cones at christmas,, so yes I'm both,, sorry for the long comment

  2. Oh boy! I love collecting stuff from nature too! Now I try to limit myself to the Keepers...rather than bringing home just anything. But yes, makes it easier when u justify by using the items in your mixed media pieces. Actually have u seen the Wood Totems that artist Karen Michel does? I took a class from her and am now addicted...will try to send u pics!

  3. Do we ever 'turn over that new leaf'? I thought I had. I came to Mexico with fourteen small boxes. I walked away from a lifetime. Now? ha ha .. my studio bursts at the seams. It's all the fault of my art ... at least that's what I like to blame it on. I'm happy you are enjoying collecting beautiful things from the natural world. We have to keep some of our vices. :o) xxDonna

  4. Patty-I am just like you!! I swear I am going to de-clutter...just get rid of all the...junk but...we are we collect, right??? I mean...all the paints and brushes and books and paper and...they kind of add up!!! One of these days I will balance it all out:) I love your stamp collection...I think it's good for our hearts/spirits to keep thinsg around us that make us happy:)
    Hey! I saw your pics at the community center. I knew they were yours before I even saw your name! Way to go! Tara takes her classes there...I told her they were yours:)
    Oh! I know just what you mean about becomming ourselves...I wish it would have started happening sooner too but Maya Angelou said she didn't start stepping into herSELF until she was in her mid 50''s the journey. We have to catch up soon:) xxx

  5. i'm a de-clutterer too!

    however, to make estate sale shopping fun, it's important to be collecting something! so i've started collecting little clocks. my husband seems a little annoyed b/c he is also a de-clutterer altho not an estate sale shopper!

  6. Im a collector...but WANT to de-clutter... :-)
    Feathers,shells,leaves etc etc etc etc
    Can't help it...

  7. As hard as I try to declutter...I'm a collector...being a collage's all in the name of art, of course...i started a blog and I'm starting on my second thousand!!! love your blog!!


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