Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall Color and Birthdays

growing up in Michigan, my mid-october birthday was pretty synonymous with fall color.  i never thought about it much, but somewhere deep in the recesses of my gray matter, a connection was made.

 then i moved to southern ca.  i forgot about it.  after all, i had the OCEAN.  and sunny blue skies.  not a colored leaf to be found, but it didn’t matter.  and just as well, since october was not a month when we could ever travel, due to my teaching responsibilities.

 now that i have a little more freedom, i’ve noticed that old birthday/color connection re-establishing itself.  as my birthday approaches, i long to go to a place where i can see the changing of the leaves in all their brilliant majesty.  it’s a challenge around here because even in the mountains, where, yes, the leaves do change…. mid-october is still a little early.

this year brought us to big bear lake.  although the colors weren’t necessarily rampant, i was able to track some down and get a good fix.  more on the lake later…. oh, and birthdays too.

 hope you have been able to savor some of the brilliance of fall this year!!


  1. I found myself aching for fall colour this year. I was amazed ... something about aging and roots? Beautiful shots, Patty. They fed my soul. Thank you. xxDonna

  2. Even if we also have much fall color, I love your photos so much. Hope you will have a great weekend.

  3. what a lovely post,, beautiful memories,

  4. Happy Birthday Patty!! What a lovely connection to a happy occasion!!

  5. Dear sweet Patty-happy happy birthday! all the very very best to you...long life and love and health and ...all the good stuff:) I hope you are enjoying your time up in Big's sweltering over here:) xxx

  6. What a marvelous month to have a birthday in! The trees are putting on their most festive clothing in honor of your birth. Of course they are! They are happy to celebrate someone who appreciates their splendor.

    Happy birthday, Patty!


  7. Looks like you found some gorgeous color..and - happy birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday, Patty. I attempted to leave a post last weekend but blogspot wasn't cooperating. Your fall photos are wonderful as well as colorful. I love the changing of the seasons. Will be off line again next week for a few days but will catch up.


  9. That's what I love about Northern California - we have a real decent fall here with breathtaking autumn colors. I would miss them - autumn is my favorite season.


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