Monday, October 17, 2011

Precious Gift

birthdays seem to nudge me into a reflective mood and this year is no different.  looking back over the last 12 months, i can’t help but be incredibly grateful.  i have been seriously blessed this year in so many ways.  far too many to even list, but most of them have been documented right HERE (love that!)

what really jumps out at me as i ponder the highs and lows of the year is that i have truly had the precious gift of TIME.  for so many years of my life, no matter what i did, i never felt i had nearly enough.  i still don’t most of the time (lesson plans, iep’s and meetings now replaced with SO many projects) ….. but compared to life while working full-time, i feel amazingly blessed!

i have had  time to travel
time to play in my studio
time to play with my camera
time to hang out with friends
and family
time to hang out by myself
time to read
time to write
time to THINK
time to create
time to learn
time to teach
time to volunteer
time to share
time to JUSTBE

and, yes, there have been some twists and turns, some disappointments, frustrations and fears and even a pretty major traumatic event during this year, but having the TIME to deal with all of that was also a gift.

 so…. as i dive into the next year, paving the way to the end of another decade of life (YIKES!!) i have no idea what it will bring…. but even is there is difficulty headed my way, i will always cherish this healthy and  wonderful year.  so grateful to every one of you for sharing it with me!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Patty :). Wishing you a day filled with sunshine, laughter and surprises and another year filled with love.
    Stay inspired!
    Brain Angles - Invisible Ink

  2. Happy Birthday! My daughter has just been rehearsing her homework in English vocabulary. One word was Birthday party! I hope you'll have the kind of celebration you prefer, maybe a wild party or a cozy evening with friends and family!

    Love that last black and white photo.

  3. I'm so glad that you have had and appreciated time, Patty. It is one of the best gifts...and reflections expand our patience and wisdom on this journey of many birthdays. xo jane

  4. Happy Birthday, Patty. Beautiful thoughts and words and of course photographs. xxDonna

  5. I love this, Patty, how you reflect over the past 12 months and are so full of gratitude. Your photos are stunning - your perspective is so interesting. I love the photo taken at the Oregon coast in Bandon - ah, beautiful Bandon.

  6. morning chickadee....isn't it amazing how those
    years unfold.

  7. Oh! Patty-happy happy days ahead. I loved reading about your past year. as we get older we do seem to apprecaite all the blessings that we took for granted when younger..time, health, loved ones. All the really important. stuff. XXX

  8. Thanks for all your sweet comments and birthday wishes - I SO appreciate it! I was just thinking how some folks might be totally bored with so much time, but for me it's a gift!! (I have a hunch that most creative types do get this...)


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