Saturday, December 3, 2011

Raw Power

today i witnessed raw power
stunning in its beauty
yet terrible in its force

 power that goes right on
wielding itself
even in the absence of watching eyes

 power that needs no recognition
no admiration or praise
because it just is

 independent of thought
or of ego
bereft of a reason for being
it just is

and i,
drenched in awe
in its presence
(could i get a little of that??)


  1. It's so mesmerizing isn't it? I've always been afraid of water and drawn to it at the same time.
    Great shots.
    Stay inspired!

  2. ahhhhh, wish I was there,

  3. As always, Patty - stunning images!! The power of waves is something that I am drawn to very much as well. There is something very special about them, including it's strong sound - I'd almost call it music. There's nothing quite like the ocean.

  4. absolute perfection! you make me want to be right there. :)

  5. Patty, beautiful (powerful) photos of the ocean. I always enjoy viewing your blog and read your writing that coincides with each frame.

    You were right, I need to use Firefox to leave comments. Thanks for the tip.

  6. Your words are also power! Maybe this sounds odd but when I read a post and try to understand it all it happens all the time that I get to an English word I haven seen before. Sometimes I understand it thanks to the other words, but it also happens that the other words that I do understand have no meaning because there is ONE word which is so important for it all. It feels like a key that can unlock the whole sentence. Today you gave me a beautiful, new word: mesmerized! Thanks!

  7. what a great post.
    and yes!! i could use a little of that kind of power too! ;)

  8. Oh Patty ~ I have Missed You Too! So Good Knowing You've Been Keeping Me Near In Spirit. I Have Truly Felt The Love And Comfort That Heaven Has Been Sending My Way. The Previous Weeks Have Been Most Difficult But I Know God Is Impressing Me To Walk Forward. But Patty, It's Like Standing Up And Discovering You Only Have One Leg..Having To Relearn Everything That You Once Took For Granted. I Stumble Each Day But Given God's Grace, I Will Eventually Find My Way.

    Your Photographs Were Absolutely Stunning! Heaven Knew I Needed To Witness Their Beauty Today. So Pleased To Have Heard From You Dear Friend. Your Friendship Is Surely A Blessing To Me. Sending You Some Love & Sweet Georgia Sunshine, Terri

  9. Oh my goodness - I can feel that power right through my screen! Those waves are amazing. So much power in them as they just roll in, just being themselves, just doing their thing. I feel like there's a metaphor in this somewhere.

  10. WOW! There's nothing like the power and strength of the sea. Amazing images!


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