Monday, January 16, 2012

Slowing the Flight of Time.....

i wanted to share one more safari park post, but this time minus the main attraction, the animals.  of course they are fabulous, but i always like to take some time away from them when i’m at the park.  i have a couple of special spots where i like to hang out with my coffee and journal. 

hardly anyone comes up there, but alas, they are missing this amazing display of desert plants.  while i was marveling at them and photographing them i realized anew that the best antidote to that feeling that time is ”flying” by unaccounted for is to spend as much of it as possible being fully present in the moment.

 for me it’s harder to do this when i’m around other people.  it comes much easier when i’m by myself…. hence, my love of solitude.  it allows me to really dig into each moment, utterly awake, and bask in that precious feeling of being fully alive.

 and when life is experienced in this manner…. one moment at a time, it slooooows down and doesn’t feel nearly as “flighty”.  try it!!


  1. beautiful post , just lovely,

  2. So many beautiful photos! I would have loved to sit on that bench on the second photo (alone) and just being....

  3. I think I experience it when I am in a good deep conversation with someone. Then, too, time seems to slow down because I am fully present in the conversation. But in general, I am with you, it is easiest when I am outdoors with my camera.

  4. In total agreement with your opinion on the subject. Beautiful photo's, Patty. xoDonna

  5. oh..i so agree with you! i always crave time alone...that's why hiking in the mountains with my dog is so precious for me as well as quiet mornings in bed journaling...time does seem to slow down then!!

  6. Patty, your cacti photos are so colorful. I love cactus and had a wide variety when we lived in S.Cal. My hubby on the other hand did not care for them at all and was always digging them up or they would die for no known reason. Later I found out he was killing them with Drano. Now he doesn't work in my flower beds so if my plants don't survive it is because of my black thumb.

    You are an inspiration with your photos and story telling. I admire your talents so much.


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