Monday, January 23, 2012

Little More AZ (a venture)

Sonoita, AZ

it may not seem like a road trip to arizona would be much of a “venture” in terms of stepping out of my comfort zone since it’s the kind of thing we tend to do anyway.  

Patagonia Lake State Park

 let me explain.  we planned this trip when we still had muffin.  we found a dog-friendly vrbo rental in a place where we could hike as well as do some sight-seeing.  it’s the kind of trip the 3 of us really enjoy.

so when we lost her, sooner than we had anticipated, the idea of the trip no longer sounded enticing.  it felt too soon, like we would be missing her too much.  we seriously considered scrapping the whole idea.


Tombstone Courthouse
  in the end, though, we decided that it would still be a good trip to take.  that it would do us some good to get away.  so we decided to venture out and go for it.  we are so glad that we did!

this area (south of tucson) is a pretty obscure part of the country.  most folks have never heard of patagonia, sonoita, canelo or fort huachuca.  these are exactly the types of places we are drawn to.  i guess it’s the “explorer” instinct.  anyway, it’s an area rich in natural beauty, history and fabulous climate. good stuff!!


i have a little retreat update here.  check it out and have a marvelous monday!!

Ramsey Canyon Preserve

Karchner Caverns State Park (no photos allowed in caverns)

Our ranchette

AZ skies


  1. Loved your "venture"! This looks like a place of wild beauty and peace. xo jane

  2. Oh, to sit by that fireplace....

  3. ohhhh..that sky photo...amazing!!

    i love your sense of adventure...i have that same sense as well and even tho i don't get to travel like you, i try to get out and see new places all around me that i haven't seen's always so much fun!

  4. I'm so glad you went. It's incredibly beautiful. The photograph of the two ravens really speaks to me .. as does the stone fireplace. All fabulous --- enjoy the moment. xoDonna

  5. I love Arizona in the winter, and yes, the area South of Tucson is quite special. I'd love to go again now that I saw your pictures. Hopefully next winter...


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