Wednesday, January 4, 2012

AZ Magic

filled to the brim
blessed beyond belief
i’ve been feasting on...
magical light
endless open spaces
quiet so thick
you could cut it with a knife
stillness, stars, solitude
coupled with culture and conversations
what a way to begin a brand new year!

Our little ranchette (no, this is not expensive!!)


  1. Your photos are so beautiful and restful. They are the last thing I will look at before I turn off the computer, my bed lamp and fell asleep, maybe they will follow me into the dreams. Good night...

  2. oh!! Patty-these photos are simply divine!!they speak volumes of the (physical) and mental place you are at right now. And your ranch(ette)...I am jealous!!! Seriously. LOVE. Big hugs and be safe. xxx

  3. How beautiful!! I envy you for having seen (and taken a photo of) this little Arizona cardinal! I've never seen one when we've been there, but one day I will. The ranchette looks lovely, I would love a place like that.

  4. I too fell in love with the little cardinal. So very exquisite. Enjoy this time .. I know you are. Such a privilege these road trips. I miss them terribly. Your little adobe is exquisite. xxDonna

  5. sounds like a super wonderful way to ring in the new year!! lovely living through your travels!!

  6. Oh Patty, let's have our next Art Retreat in that darling adobe...and the cardinal...Love him! Thanks for sharing that lovely space with us...I'm trying to go there right now in my mind...xo Jane

  7. What a way to end the year. That little home looks absolutely perfect. I want to be there right now.


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