Thursday, January 19, 2012


connection seeps from the pores
of each little piece
 of art and writing
i have surrounded myself with

artists i know and love
and some i have never met
stand before me
offering up a portion
of their very personal energy
and, yes, a portion of their souls

my own work,
is intermingled in the mix…

we sit here together
immersed in the beauty of it all
this is truly a sacred space

these are the thoughts that occurred to me after spending a whole week cleaning and reorganizing my little studio.  before and after below.....

(of course i know it won't last!!)


  1. I love your studio! I need one too!

  2. It must be wonderful to have a studio like you have.

  3. it always feels good to work in a tidy studio space but the other photo really has that creative, productive energy vibe going on...and that's fun to see!!!

  4. I feel more connected just looking at it! I think I need to get some art around my desk. Stat. It's everywhere else in my house, but not right here. Well, there are a couple of things on top of my file boxes, but the walls are bare.

  5. How exciting, Patty! You have STUFF you have to put in order. I LOVE IT! xoDonna

  6. Your wall of art is really diverse - I love looking at all of that. Your studio is beautiful - and I know how it feels when you clean it up. I try to do this more regular at the moment, I wonder how long that will last. What a beautiful space you have, Patty. Thank you for sharing it.

  7. What a beautiful way to immerse and surround yourself in creative inspiration. Wonderful!

  8. Happy place ! Smiles, Jane

  9. oh my gosh patty! I love the walls of your studio. So inspiring. filled with so much love creativity. I love it!!


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