Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Inside Out Update

remember my inside out journal project??  as part of my year of venture??  i have an exciting update!!

i am busy putting together journal kits right now and will be presenting them next week to a group of teen girls as well as doing a little workshop with them.  i have been trying to put something like this in place for a long time…. i know it’s going to be wonderful!!  more later….


  1. makes me wish i was a teenage girl, so i could join in on the fun!!!

  2. Perfect! I know the girls will love having their own art journal!

  3. Dear sweet Patty-just catching up a bit on blogs...a HUGE congrats to you for doing this!!! I just know that these girls are going to be so much better for having done this class with you. Way to go!!
    I was just reading your Rejection post (a few down) and oh!! Haven't we all been there in some way??? i think it's just part of the journey...still kinda' sucks while you are going through it though:) There is opportunity in everything (I wholeheartedly believe) and...maybe this will open up a different avenue for you. Are you guys stil heading up here to Co this summer??? Hey!! have to chat soon...like on the phone!!! xxx

  4. wonderful! i'm sure it's be super! looking forward for the updates! thanks you for doing this, much love your way.


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