Monday, June 25, 2012


just a little reminder for you.... hope you are finding joy on your journey!!


  1. A wonderful photo of the boar and the sea - and the words say so much!

    Have missed you and your blog but my journey the last weeks have been filled with busy work but also some traveling. But now I'm back home bodily and mentally. Your trip with the car seems like perfect life for a while.

  2. hope you're enjoying your road trip, how is bailey?

  3. Great quote and photo Patty, Do hope you are enjoying your journey with that beautiful puppy of yours. Nice to be around to see what everyone is up to again. I'll be here more regularly as I get back to my old self. Thanks so much for all your concern, emails and checking in with Carolyn. You are indeed a lovely lady. Have fun. hugs, Donna


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