Monday, June 11, 2012

In Other News....

Seek Beauty

yikes – lots going on over here…
today i will present my first ever inside out workshop to a group of teens… so excited - this is a dream come true!!   just found out there may be BOYS besides the girls.  no, not what i envisioned…. i’m just not sure they will be comfortable with it, but i’m keeping an open mind!

The Weir

Love Valley Barn

Sierra Cabin

Rusty Pick Up

The Ancients

 i have been busier than ever in my studio creating new mixed media art and loving it.  this week i will hang some of my pieces in a brand new gallery: artbeat on mainstreet.  there is a lot of positive energy going into this… very exciting!!

 we are starting a new landscape project and are having a design drawn up for this area that used to be lovely lawn until the gophers and rabbits got ahold of it.  obviously something different (water efficient) is needed!

Back yard - used to be green!
 next week we are leaving on a motorhome trip.  we can’t seem to decide exactly where… i guess that’s part of the fun – figuring it out as we go!  miss bailey is going to love this!!


  1. wow! patty!
    the boys will love it. look at the ancients and the pickup and the barn. they will love it all.
    ... whatever you teach them! and you know yourself... given half a chance, boys can be very sensitive and artistic. beauty is beauty!
    and miss bailey looks like my adorable sarah.
    sarah stayed the same size as a 6 month old puppy. the vet said a mutant gene!
    all i know is... she was a darling that everyone thought was still a puppy well into her adult years.
    your trip sounds like the best kind.
    "just go!"
    tammy j

  2. your photographic art pieces are looking so great!! i know how much fun it must be creating them!!! i'm so excited for you about the gallery!! i wish you much success with it!!

  3. I love all your mixed media pieces. Congrats on the upcoming showing at the new gallery. Cool!
    Stay inspired!

  4. I'm so glad that you're having a great time with with your artistic life right now.


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