Monday, June 18, 2012

So Many Pics!!

it’s true i’ve been a little distant from this space lately…. there are several reasons , one of which is instagram!  i’ve shifted quite a bit of time and attention over there and i don’t feel that it’s necessarily a bad thing.  

 it has really ramped up my O.Q. and has me taking more pics than ever!  i’m using my slr less these days in favor of the iphone.  maybe its’ just a phase… i really don’t know but i am having fun for the moment and as long as that’s the case i will probably keep going with it!

 besides the endless array of apps i am experimenting with, there are iphone lenses!  i really like the macro and fisheye lenses, don’t use the wide-angle or telephoto as much at the moment.

anyway, today is the day i hang at the new gallery and launch my new summer retreat.  we are running around like crazy hoping to be on the road in just 2 days.  happy summer!!!

 (all photos taken with iphone4)


  1. i think i need to get an iphone too...those apps look like so much fun!!

  2. Love your photos. I've been busy with my instagram/iPhone too... it's just so fun!

  3. Wait, iPhone lenses?! Darn it, now you've distracted me from my commenting! ;)

    Have a fun summer vacation!

  4. I've missed coming here and viewing your beautiful work, Patty. I'll be able to drop around now and then - hopefully soon, full time again. You are off on another adventure. Good for you! I can't believe what the iphone can do - and then to have lenses! amazing. We've come a long way from our little brownies. Thanks for all your support and your beautiful notes. hugs, Donna

  5. I'm LOVING my iPhone camera! I'm going to purchase the lenses and keep on playing!! I'm taking so many picures, seeing so many "photo ops" in my every day life, it's really kinda changed my life... I'm becoming creative again after a sabatical from "creative me" after my separation and divorce. Time for Karen to be re-created!
    I love your photos!


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