Thursday, July 25, 2013

Creative Direction

i’ve been struggling a bit with creative direction…. it happens.  my creativity and photography classes are finished for the time being – i have nothing else scheduled and i need a little time to figure out what is going to be next.  

 i love teaching…. i know that it is in my blood.  i have no problem devoting massive amounts of time and energy to prepping and planning.  it does not feel like work to me!  but unless i can figure out a way to at least break even on my ventures…. well, i’m not sure it will continue to happen. 

My last class

i like the idea of staying local.  i really prefer face-to-face encounters – hands on, live conversations, real-time exchanges.  so i have resisted the suggestion to take my classes online.  not only do i lack the technical skills, i also lack (at this time) the enthusiasm to make that happen. 

but that could change.  it’s definitely a journey and i am open to possibility!  i also have a bunch of ideas for a fall retreat..... we'll see..... 

from bald eagles.....

to hummingbirds

next week we will be heading out on the road for a few weeks to (again!) the coast of oregon.  hopefully the time away will give me a dose of inspiration and maybe even a clear direction for the future.

in the meantime, i hope you enjoy these pics from green valley lake and the surrounding area!


  1. wishing you a fun, inspiring and safe trip!!

  2. Of course I am all jealous that you are spending time at the wonderful Oregon coast again. Enjoy it - I know you will.
    I have been one of those who have asked you about an online class. For me, retreats etc. are currently not possible - I simply can't afford it financially and time-wise. However, I always thought that your classes sound so interesting. I also can understand that you shy away from it, especially because of the loss of face-to-face. It always sounds great when you read of those popular online classes where there are hundreds of participant, but it certainly is not very personal (that's probably an understatement). I have taken and loved quite some online classes, but I didn't bother to "meet up" in any facebook groups or chatrooms. I concentrate on the contents of the class and make the most of it for me.

  3. Whatever your next venture will be, it will be awesome! Because you are there. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos! Love those places! :)

  4. Such great photos....I know you will have a creative surge soon. Wishing you well!

  5. Beautiful photos, Patty. Always love seeing your 'baby'. I think we all go through these dry spells which I have noticed are not really dry spells at all. They are times of rest, during which, unbeknowst to us, things are really percolating inside. For me, something new and fresh usually comes out of it. Can be frustrating though! Enjoy your trip --- ah, the Oregon coast - such a special part of the world. Can't wait to see your photos. xoDonna

  6. can't wait to see what the future holds for you...


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